The Journey

On a typical Spring day in September 2008, Pieter Geldenhuys (aka PG) was showing off the majesty of Chapman’s Peak to some visiting friends (a Peruvian, a couple of Germans, a Swede and the token bloke from Bismarck North Dakota). As they marvelled at the awesomeness of Hout Bay Harbour, something clicked for PG, and an idea slowly started germinating.

Three months later, PG TOPS TRAVEL AND TOURS went on tour for the first time. From day one, the core idea of PG TOPS was:

  1. Welcome to my life. South Africa is awesome, and Cape Town is the most awesome part of it. Let PG show you why EVERYONE wants to live here, and how we roll.
  2. Spread the good news: we want to be part of the solution. Negativity is the disease – so we’re going to be the cure. We love to tell you about all the wonderful reasons why our fledgeling democracy has a chance, and why our obstacles are huge but not insurmountable.
  3. How I do NOT MY JOB. Being a tour guide is easy. You just show up, give you some vaguely accurate info and let the awesomeness of our surroundings do the rest. What’s not easy is finding ways to give our guests a special, memorable, unique CONNECTION. And that sometimes takes us out of our way… that’s ok. We like what we do!

“Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it.”

– Anonymous

PG has travelled 52 countries and counting, and can therefore claim with authority: Cape Town is the business. Let him and his team show you the majesty of a Lions Head sunrise hike, catch a glimpse of the phantom ship the Flying Dutchman off Cape Point, go face off with a giant white shark or just sniff and grunt appreciatively over a Middelvlei Pinotage in front of a roaring fireplace.

The ethos of PG TOPS remains irresolute: we like to under promise and over deliver, and Cape Town rarely fails to disappoint. As the business evolves, we are lucky to add excellent guide contractors, more enthusiastic office personnel and other associated business and third party products such as safari lodges, adventure activities and specialist township/volunteering experiences. Established in 2008, we are riding the continued wave of massive tourism interest in Cape Town, South Africa and all the wonderful moments we have to offer.

Our PG TOPS client base has also evolved, and the team now caters for families, corporates, honeymoon couples and teams of roving golfers/ netballers/ rugby players.

The magic of Cape Town is in the hospitality of its varied inhabitants, coupled with its modern efficient infrastructure, smorgasbord of activities, and let’s not forget the food. Ah, the food… A samoosa from the Bo-Kaap. A crocodile kebab from Mama Africa. The cajun calamari rings at Harbour House, the boerebraai at Middelvlei or hitting some golf balls at the Ernie Els estate while you sip the Big Easy…

Sigh. Welcome to my life.

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