Meet the Dream Team

Pieter Geldenhuys

PG Tops Founder & Owner/Tour Guide

PG’s Jedi abilities include a comprehensive knowledge of South African history with a strong focus on colonial Cape Town and the associated conflicts that led to the creation of the Rainbow Nation. These days, he shares this approach with his awesome team of contract guides, and ocassionally stops grumbling at the laptop to take a tour to the penguins.

Leanne Knorr

Operations Manager

Leanne brings a vast range of experience in the training, tourism and event management fields to the team. She has worked on large tourism concerns, tourism bodies, on worldwide sports events and now she has made her home in the PG TOPS/ Tourism Boot Camp team.


Bianca Smith

Senior Consultant: Luxury Safaris Reservations

Bianca’s stellar report card as one of our top tour guides is eclipsed only by her consulting efficiency. She has worked in almost every part of the business, and her current duties include team leader for Luxury Safaris, HR and she still gets time to do the banking.  Favourite spots for a luxury getaway: Grootbos and Nerina Lodge, Lion Sands.

Monade van Eeden

Senior Consultant: PG TOPS Reservations & Luxury Safaris

Monade brings extensive hospitality experience to the PG TOPS team, as she ran a boutique guest house before joining us. She loves arranging staff breakaways to glamorous destinations, and her attention to detail has made her invaluable to the business.

Monade is more bubbly than a freshly popped bottle of champagne.

Imogen McCormick-Matthews

Luxury Safaris Consultant

Imogen is only half South African, the other half English. She is half bush baby, the other half city slicker. She is, however, wholly committed to providing amazing client service and creating tours that maximize the best of the bush coupled with the Cape Town experience. Her time at Kariega private game reserve made her a valuable asset to enhance the already legendary Luxury Safaris consulting team.

Lauren-Lee Isaacs

PG TOPS consultant

Lauren-Lee combines quiet determination with a wonderful willingness to assist and an enviable attention to detail. She juggles logistics with consulting, and her fair but consistent approach to her work has won her the respect and admiration of our boisterous guiding contingent and her office colleagues.

Key ability: Telling PG off when he sticks his nose too far in her business.


Richard Tuswa

Specialist Culture Guide

Richard’s thoughtful introduction to his hometown of Langa has been wowing our guests for years. These days he also brings his particular perspective to our city and Cape Peninsula Tours.

When Richard isn’t on tour with us he spends as much time as possible with his family, and in particular the apple of his eye – his daughter!

Jarred Vosges

Tour Guide

Jarred has been racking up rave reviews on Tripadvisor ever since he joined the team in 2014 with his sunny personality and natural charm.

He has an amazing knowledge of flora and fauna, courtesy of many years spent as a safari guide at one of the top reserves on the Garden Route. If you’re very lucky he’ll organize one of his epic braais for you!

Ricardo Kruser

Driver & Tour Guide

Ricardo does all of our airport transfers, day driving assignments and helps with vehicle logistics around the office. Dependable and an old pro, he is has been in the game for ages. Not a spot in the greater Cape Town peninsula that he doesn’t know about…


Caren Rossouw

Luxury Safaris Consultant

Caren combines years of experience consulting on our luxury product and agency business with an international perspective after living abroad for several years. Her key strengths are her attention to detail and her commitment to finding the right solution for the client – no matter how long it takes!


Dumisani Tazibona

Driver/tour guide

Dumi is a recent addition to the team – but no stranger to the industry, and has vast experience working out of some of Cape Town’s top five star hotels. His friendly manner and enthusiastic disposition has made him a winner with our guests.


Michael Dingiswayo

General Maintenance

Michael is the first in every morning – making sure the cars sparkle for our guests. In addition, he does all the necessary behind the scenes admin and maintenance driving that makes our business tick!


Contract Guides

We are lucky enough to work with a brilliant bunch of professional tour guides. Age, gender, height, race and colour of your eyes are unimportant to us, as long as you bring a youthful outlook and professional warmth to the PG TOPS experience, and ensure that our clients have the best possible experience in our beautiful country. Johan, Andrew, Willem, Jamie, Merryl, Leslie, Provia, Jurie, Gavin and Carel are among our trusted contractors!


We like to hire youngsters at PG TOPS, and train them up. Any team needs a mixture of experience and youth, so we try to pass along the skills and knowledge from our more senior to junior team members.

This sometimes backfires. Recently, team mascot Obi was joined by his little sister Leia in the mascot division. He is protective, she is bossy. He currently holds a size advantage, but there is a pool going on in the office whether he will actually emerge as the alpha dog by end 2017…