An unexpected noble penguin mission


As a newbie consultant and guide, I decided to take a trip out to Gansbaai and put some names to the faces I have been emailing since working for PG Tops. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the hustle and bustle of the Marine Dynamics headquarters, excitement was definitely in the air, as is expected from a Shark Cage Diving and Marine Eco-tour operator. A friendly lady welcomed me, and when it downed on us that we’ve been “pen pals” for a while now, it was hugs all round like long lost friends! Aletta was as amazing in person as over the phone or via email. As it was a Sunday, I had my fiancé join me for the day, to brag about what an awesome job I have! We spent some time exploring the Marine Dynamics facilities and chatting to some of the personnel, all very warm and professional. I was blown away by how well everything was set up and organised, as well as the infectious positive attitude of everyone we met. Heading back to the parking lot right by the boat launching area, we noticed some action at one of the Marine Dynamics boats – personnel gently loading boxes onto the boat while being filmed. This indicated that something cool must be going on, so we took a closer look. That’s when we met Wilfred, owner of Marine Dynamics. He asked whether we had time, as this boat was heading out to Dyer Island to reintroduce some rehabilitated penguins into their natural habitat. We didn’t think about it twice and couldn’t believe our luck to be part of such a momentous occasion!

We headed out to sea, man and penguin, side by side – the little fellows safely in their protective cases. The mood was very cheerful and the rather choppy ocean added to the sense of adventure with a thrilling boat ride! The Marine Dynamics penguin team whizzed behind us in our wake on their rubber duck like knights on their horses heading out to save the day. They took all the penguins to the island while we cruised around just off shore waiting for the big moment, and what a big moment it was! They set all the penguins in their cases down in a row on the beach and opened them simultaneously, and I swear I could hear Chariots of Fire playing somewhere in the background. The little suited black and white birds ran out to the water and all jumped in as if they were competing in a swim gala! Laughter and cheers filled the air as the penguins headed further out in the ocean, all too happy to be back in the water, where they belong. It was an experience that will never be forgotten! Thank you so much to Wilfred and his team, their hospitality and making us part of this noble mission!