Hi sports fans

It has literally been six months since my last confession.  I actually needed to go have a look at when exactly I last wrote a newsletter. November 2014.

Man. So I better have a good excuse for going so quiet.

I actually have several, listed to an old favourite melody:

Doe, a deer, a female deer

The office is predominantly female. And the guides are predominantly male. My theory is that men mostly like the women to tell them what to do. There has been a shift, an expansion, I daresay an evolution in the PG TOPS/Luxury Safaris team. While we were sad to say goodbye to Barbara, our plucky German intern, Sofie has rejoined the team after an extended holiday, and we welcome Thami and Nela as our junior consultants. Necesssary, as Bianca has left the office to focus on guiding for us full time, to rave Tripadvisor reviews. Jarred has also joined the guiding team, and doing some sterling work for us, especially as we do some brisk business with his old employers Sanbona.

Ray, a drop of golden sun

Some golden stats to light up the day for the PG fan club:

  1. March was our biggest month ever. April would have been, if it wasn’t for March. For the year to date, our numbers are up by a whopping 35%.
  2. Easter Friday was our busiest day ever. Easter was bumper, overall, but Easter Friday saw:
    1. 3 groups on safari
    2. 3 groups on the peninsula
    3. 3 groups in the winelands
    4. 2 groups on Table Mountain and City Centre
  3. The only reason we can sustain our service quality but do these increased volumes, is the quality of our guide contractors (and the ace office team, of course). Take a bow contract guides, our Tripadvisor page is littered with great reviews for Erica, Jamie, Deon et al!

Me, a name I call myself

PG TOPS continues to deliver the best quality day trips in the Cape Town, winelands and Peninsula areas.  In addition, our decision to name the new business Luxury Safaris has also been a good one.  Our luxury partners Sanbona, Botlierskop, Romney Park and Sabi Sands Reserves have been the main beneficiaries of increased support for this full service business. Caren, our safari specialist, has been booking everything from flights to hiring camera lenses for clients to safaris for 3 year olds. With Nela in support, this journey is also only starting!

Far, a long long way to run

Well, actually, it’s only about 200 metres. The PG TOPS operation has shifted location. The office is now located at 14A Avenue Montagne, and we had a lovely launch party in March.  This has enabled me to claim back my personal space (although there has been scant time to redecorate) and we have had a lot of fun choosing pictures, plants and paint jobs.  We’re all pretty happy with the move, I think my neighbours appreciate it as well!

Sew, a needle pulling thread

Like any favourite piece of clothing, the PG TOPS suit still looks good but needs some patching up, and we are having to let out the seams a bit to allow for an expanding waistline as we cruise into the middle of year 7. We tired of having to keep stitching up the oldest vehicle in the fleet, so the Vito has been sold, to be replaced by a newer model (arriving this week). I also added the Avanza to the fleet (once in a while I actually want to take my Beemer for a personal drive, so the extra set of wheels come in handy). We are also going to do some much needed maintenance on the website, and the quiet winter months afford the ideal opportunity to do some constructive tweaking to our business processes . The squeaky wheel, as they say…

La, a note to follow Sew

La, as in Ebo-LA. I want to reiterate: South Africa has no Ebola. We are five zillion km’s away from the affected zone. But it is worth congratulating Trevor Noah on his epic appointment as new host of the daily show. Check out his schpiel on

Also, even though we sometimes feel that we live in LA-LA land here in South Africa, what with Xenophobia, ridiculous governmental decisions and a cricket team that builds me up and breaks me down like clockwork every four years… There’s a lot to be happy and hopeful about.

Specifically, our LAnga township tour remains one of our most popular experiences. With the wonderful local Xhosa guides Godfrey, Richard and Odwa, we have a team that engages with our clients in a constructive and socially sensitive way that beats expectations every time. It’s hard to see the social divides that still hold us back as a nation, but equally encouraging to see a community hard at work changing things day by day. Proud.

Oh, and it’s not to early to start punting the Santa Shoebox Project, as always championed by YoLAnda. We have started to receive our first R200 donations!

Tea, a drink with jam and bread

Company slogan (check my logo) has always been TOUR-TRAVEL-TASTE. That’s why I crossfit. To balance out the excessive calamari lunches or the cookies the Mercedes dealership delivered.  In terms of our evolution as a business, one of our key success factors is our understanding of which restaurants deliver on client expectations, anticipating on behalf of our visitors where they would like to eat and booking them the best spots before the fill up. Perennial favourites Two Oceans, La Petite Ferme, the Pot Luck Club, the Test Kitchen, La Colombe,  Baia and the Codfather are among the restaurants that have made Cape Town the culinary capital of Africa.  We list our favourites on the website

That will bring us back to Do (oh-oh-oh)

And full circle.

DO recommend South Africa, Cape Town, the Garden Route, PG TOPS and Luxury Safaris to all your friends. We specialize in creating the trips of a lifetime!

Don’t pay too much attention to the bad press. If good news sold papers, we would have much more of it.

DO give me some feedback if you spot something that needs to be improved on our website(s), or if there is tour specific feedback that I need to be aware of.

Don’t hesitate to go out and rent Sound of Music and watch it again. I know I will.


Take care of yourselves… and each other! For graphics version click HERE.


PGThami Mokoena