P is for PG that begins a good read
It’s been a big year for PG and TOPS, to 2016 we lead.
P is the letter that promotes what we do
Private Tours to the Point and the Penguins, that’s us through and through.
P is the concept that brings us great joy
Pictures of Cape Town sunsets, Petting cheetahs or baboons playing coy.
P is the reach of our touring range
Port Elizabeth, Pretoria or Prisons on Islands ain’t strange.
P is the wine that we like to drink
Pinotage is a blend from Africa –  like us Afrikaners – won’t that make you think?
P is the Parks for safari where we like to go
Sabi Sands, the Kruger, Sanbona, you know?
P is the People of this great little team
The consultants the guides the support staff I mean.
P is a thank you, to the Person that supports us so well
The agent, the partner, the contractors are swell.
P is for Pride in this, our great land
We keep being POSITIVE even when the news ain’t that grand.
P is for Pleasure, in this wonderful city of mine
For Cape Town brings mountain-and sea-and food-and sights-and culture… and of course the sunshine.
P is for Playtime, and that you can see
As long as work is still fun – life is just grand – I’m sure you agree!
P is for Panic, a feeling no fun
There is no P for bye, but my poem is now done.

Too cute