Pierneef a La Motte – A foodie’s delight!

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Have I mentioned before how much I love the tourism industry and my job? If not, you will soon understand why.  I had my first large group transfer to the winelands on a beautiful toasty summers evening.  A group of 30 OLX professionals from around the globe were taking an outing to La Motte in Franschhoek for dinner.  Kenny from Future Coaches was our very professional bus driver and I had the privilege to be the hop-on guide.

After navigating through traffic and introducing the guests to the history of South Africa and the winelands, we arrived at La Motte.  The guests had an amazing evening lined up including canapés and MCC under the trees in the garden, a wander through the museum where a large collection of the famous SA artist Pierneef’s works are kept, a wine tasting hosted by the winemaker himself and an amazing dinner and wine pairing.

I wondered whether I was not going to be bored being there for such a long time, but I soon realized that this would not be the case!! The friendly coordinator, Inge Hugo, welcomed me and Kenny as warmly as their VIP guests, which made me feel quite special. 🙂

I was really impressed by the restaurant manager Pierre Theron, who welcomed us at Pierneef a La Motte Restaurant.  He exudes a perfect balance of professionalism and warmth, and really knows his wine! I had the heavenly pleasure of enjoying a glass of 2013 La Motte Pierneef Syrah Viognier – there was not an inch of free space on the bottle due to all the stickers from awards it has won.  Upon tasting the wine, I also understood exactly why.  Not being a red wine drinker, I was very surprised by the how much I enjoyed it, pure seamless silk in my mouth.  This is definitely a must for any wine tasting at La Motte.

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Come dinner time, Chef Michelle Theron (not related to Pierre by the way) started us off with a selection of breads and spreads, all done with excellent artisanal skill.  Kenny and I chatted away while nibbling on the delicious offering.  Next up was a seasonal grilled salad with quinoa and heaps of flavour.  No offence Mom, maybe if my veggies had tasted like this, I would have had more as a child!

The main event (yes, this is not ordinary dining folks, each course is a celebrated event of its own) was roast free range pork belly, fynbos honey carrot, grilled potato and chorizo salad, soft steamed chicken egg, mustard and malt emulsion.  Keywords here – rich and fabulous!  I never thought I would get lyrical about potatoes, but wow – insert Beethoven’s 9th symphony here.

Dessert was all about chocolate: Hazelnut dacqoise, chocolate marquise, chocolate chip parfait and coffee ice cream, but alas – I had accidentally eaten into my “dessert stomach” and had no space left to my own dismay.  May the gourmet gods forgive me!

Back at the bus, Kenny and I welcomed a group of very happy wine infused clients that were all suffering from a severe case of puppy syndrome – tummies full and eyes about to close!  Satisfaction all round indeed.

Thank you so much to all the staff at La Motte, we all had a very memorable and special evening and you definitely made an advocate out of me!