South Africa grows to 51.7-million!

Noun: Census – (sensus)

  1. A periodic count of the population

Statistics, statistics…we don’t like it but there must be some individuals as there are faculties dedicated to future statisticians!

Thanks to Statistics South Africa, Awesome South Africa and and good ‘ol Google for some of the following information.

The last census before 2011 was done in 2001! As you experienced counting an entire country’s people from 10 years ago was going to need a lot of man (and woman) power. A year later with 156 000 field workers, 1 228 computers, 25 million census questionnaires (in 8 languages) and over 13.5 million houses visited they have established that we have 51.7 million people!

The average age of our citizens is 25 years old. There is an estimation of 26 581 769 females and 25 188 791 males. This I think can become problematic, so if you have a partner, stick to them as there is 1 392 978 more females than males. There is also a figure that shows more men died of unnatural causes…just saying…

We have 9 Provinces here in South Africa each a different size and with its own speciality! Our Provinces with their estimated population figures are below:

Western Cape – 5.8   million
Eastern Cape – 6.5   million
Northern Cape – 1.1   million
Free State – 2.7   million
Kwa-Zulu Natal – 10.2 million
North West – 3.5   million
Gauteng – 12.2 million
Mapumalanga – 4.0   million
Limpopo – 5.4   million

Now this is quite a substantial amount of people here and we all need to eat at some point…

73% of South Africans make use of electricity as main cooking source which is a 47.5% increase since 1996! The other cooking methods include Gas (3.5%), Paraffin (8.5), Wood (braai inclusive at 12.5%), Coal (0.7%), Solar (0.2%) and Other methods at 0.7%.

This is a bit of information to process and talking about food and cooking and being a Friday, let’s see if we can do a proper Chisa Nyama!

Till next time!