My South Africa: Malan, Mandela and the Cold War

South Africans are resilient. Be it Afrikaner, Englishman, Zulu, Xhosa, Indian, Coloured or any one of the other myriad of cultures that make up the Rainbow Nation, we have been through some deep waters. In our 560+ years of post-colonial history, there have been a myriad of historical events that have helped shape the nation today.

In the PG TOPS team, there is quite a bit of diversity, and during your tour you will get a very personal take on the historical perspective from each and every one of them, depending on the age, gender, racial and religious orientation. Every one of our guides brings something unique, and our guests are always richer for the experience.

Adding onto this introductory layer, we now offer the opportunity to go even deeper.

International wars, power struggles and geopolitics have in some way shaped our nation every step of the way. If you would like perspective on how the Cold War, Napoleon’s conquest of Europe, the rise of commercial Holland and the reshaping of Asia by Islam all contributed to our history… then some lunchtime storytelling might appeal to you.

Pieter Geldenhuys, owner of PG TOPS and LUXURY SAFARIS, has spent his adult life in a modern, fledgling democracy. But he almost entirely spent his formative years in a rascist, insular dictatorship. As an Afrikaner, he carries the burden of a national legacy of unspeakable crimes against humanity. But he also represents the new generation of young (ish) South Africans. The entrepreneurs, the dreamers, the optimists.  Those that never forget the past, but embrace the present with an eye on the future.

During a two hour session, telling the story with humour and an intent to be as objective as possible, he will lay out the historical building blocks of modern South Africa.  Contextualized by the great men and women of their time, be it Mandela, Smuts, Churchill, Gandhi, Napolean, Queen Victoria, Shaka Zulu, Rhodes or Kruger, this admittedly Eurocentric telling of the tale is not the absolute truth. But a clear picture will emerge, questions will be answered and some more vexing ones will be raised.

Pieter cites 20 years in tourism, learning ethics from the guy that helped end Apartheid, degrees in finance, business and economics and a unquenchable thirst for knowledge as his credentials.

To book Pieter for some storytelling as a lunchtime extension of a Cape Town half day city tour, email us at Per person pricing of R500 per person (min 2 persons),  subject to availability.