This year, we are partnering with the S.A.V.E. foundation to gift Christmas presents to the kids in three creches in Cape Town. We are looking for donations of R200 per Santa Shoebox – each box would contain the following items:

  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Clothing
  • Waschcloth
  • Toy
  • Bar of Soap
  • Crayons

Thanks to everyone for pledging -we are almost there, and packing party is upon us! Can’t wait for Sunday…  The packing party is on 29 October!

School Name PLEDGED BY
1 Footsteps Athi Uduak Amino
2 Footsteps Asonele Ronald Hofbauer
3 Footsteps Anako Ronald Hofbauer
4 Footsteps Khleli Mirella Goldberg
5 Footsteps Linathi Patricia Calhoun
6 Footsteps Ilitha Patricia Calhoun
7 Footsteps Iminathi Josephine Lan
8 Footsteps Indiphile Josephine Lan
9 Footsteps Sinazo Constance Schein
10 Footsteps Dina Constance Schein
11 Footsteps Vanessa Sigridur Sigurjonsdottir
12 Footsteps Ibenathi Marc Sharfman
13 Footsteps Athandwe Emma Barker-Goldie
14 Footsteps Simothando Emma Barker-Goldie
15 Footsteps Lusenathi Leon Verheem
16 Footsteps Inenceba Tara Chapman
17 Footsteps Onako Tara Chapman
18 Footsteps Indiphile Tara Chapman
19 Footsteps Unathi Tara Chapman
20 Honeybees Denay Tara Chapman
21 Honeybees Mihlali Andrew, Chantelle and Ben Cole
22 Honeybees Amchelang Andrew, Chantelle and Ben Cole
23 Honeybees Sesethu Andrew, Chantelle and Ben Cole
24 Honeybees Christa H Pieter Botha
25 Honeybees Kamna H Pieter Botha
26 Honeybees Lerato Karen Triegaardt
27 Honeybees Carol Moya Ferry
28 Honeybees Tanya Peter Ferry
29 Honeybees Princess Mark Ferry
30 Honeybees Amy Andrea Ferry
31 Honeybees Tholcozani Matthew Turner
32 Honeybees Shalom Nicole Bester
33 Honeybees Oyena Nicole Bester
34 Zusakhe Imange La-Nell Osborn
35 Zusakhe Ivanathi Michelle Gordon
36 Zusakhe Alime Nicola Nel
37 Zusakhe Amingo Nicola Nel
38 Zusakhe Eva Nicola Nel
39 Zusakhe Yolanda Nicola Nel
40 Zusakhe Yiva Nicola Nel
41 Zusakhe Linathi Nicola Nel
42 Zusakhe Inam Nicola Nel
43 Zusakhe Anovuyo Nicola Nel
44 Zusakhe Asekho Nicola Nel
45 Zusakhe Iwiwe Nicola Nel
46 Zusakhe Imange Nicola Nel
47 Zusakhe Emihle Nicola Nel
48 Zusakhe Sesihle Nicola Nel
49 Zusakhe Inathi Nicola Nel
50 Zusakhe Oyintando Ng Nicola Nel
51 Footsteps Amyoli Mida & Armand
52 Footsteps Siyasanga Mida & Armand
53 Footsteps Hlumani Mida & Armand
54 Footsteps Lethumusa Mida & Armand
55 Footsteps Liyema Mida & Armand
56 Honeybees Yibanam Mida & Armand
57 Honeybees Imbale Mida & Armand
58 Honeybees Nbsika Mida & Armand
59 Honeybees Ovayo Mida & Armand
60 Honeybees Michael Mida & Armand
61 Honeybees Xolani Caroline Bayly
62 Honeybees Tashwil Caroline Bayly
63 Honeybees Rudolph Caroline Bayly
64 Honeybees Angelo Caroline Bayly
65 Honeybees Soyama Caroline Bayly
66 Honeybees Nizde Caroline Bayly
67 Honeybees Emmaneul Caroline Bayly
68 Honeybees Morris Caroline Bayly
69 Honeybees Wayne Caroline Bayly
70 Honeybees Cairo Caroline Bayly
71 Honeybees Ayakha Christina and Brock Chisholm
72 Honeybees Lee Ashwill Christina and Brock Chisholm
73 Zusakhe Soneze Clive de Bruyne
74 Zusakhe Ayolile Clive de Bruyne
75 Zusakhe Lindani Classic Portfolio – Suzanne Bayly
76 Zusakhe Lutho Classic Portfolio – Suzanne Bayly
77 Zusakhe Imitha Classic Portfolio – Suzanne Bayly
78 Zusakhe Hlumelo Classic Portfolio – Suzanne Bayly
79 Zusakhe Kungawo Classic Portfolio – Suzanne Bayly
80 Zusakhe Sboniso Alister & Tavia
81 Zusakhe Awonga Alister & Tavia
82 Zusakhe Sisonke Luanne Slingerland
83 Zusakhe Asinde Luanne Slingerland
84 Zusakhe Oyintando Fico
85 Zusakhe Oyintando P Warren Weitz
86 Zusakhe Abongile Warren Weitz
87 Zusakhe Khanya Warren Weitz
88 Zusakhe Kuhle Warren Weitz