Tourism Boot Camp

TBC: An intense, week-by-week induction on a Cape Town based touring and activities portfolio. For four weeks, 10 interns will attempt to pass the vigorous weekly evaluations in order to graduate to an industry placement and a start in their tourism careers.

PROBLEM: SA tourism companies expend resources hiring foreign interns, and a huge amount of training is lost when they return home after their internship completes. This is an easy win as applicants from first world countries are well-traveled, trained to a superior level of proficiency and are generally slightly older and more mature than local tourism graduates.

SOLUTION: Companies need assistance to identify likely LOCAL candidates who can be integrated into their organizations on a permanent basis. This requires the supply of bridging skills and vetting of candidates.

The PG Tops group has identified a total mismatch between the growing tourism industry needs and the available skill sets – which is unimaginable in a country with 50% youth unemployment. We aim to bridge the skills gap for unemployed youth in order to facilitate their entry into the industry. To do this, we will leverage the consultant and training resources within PG Tops and Luxury Safaris. The format of this course will be four weeks of theory work followed by two weeks of practical mentorship at industry partners. The two weeks placement will serve as your “audition” for placement with an industry partner for full or contract employment. Boot camps will be run in August/ September 2017 and January/February 2018 and will be held at the PG Tops offices in Airport City, Cape Town.

We are currently accepting applicants for Bootcamp kicking off 15 January 2018. Apply here.

We have successfully employed 3 Boot Camp survivors from our first boot camp held in August 2017.